Business Web Video is going to prove vital to every business in the future. Pepper Rafferty is a full video production company producing video for business, based in Cambridge and servicing the UK. We can advise on strategy, develop and produce content al a cost that will enable any business to enter the video age. It doesn’t matter what message you need to convey to your clients or customers we can help.

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Bottom Line

52% of consumers who watch product videos say those videos make them more confident about purchases, according to Invodo

Live Stream

In their most recent report into online video, Comscore announced that the amount of live-streamed video we’re watching has grown by 648% over the past year.


A new study reports that faster internet connections have made viewers more impatient, and that people begin abandoning videos if they don’t load within two seconds. Every second of additional delay results in approximately 6 percent more viewers jumping ship.